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Secrets of the color combinations, from which it is impossible to take your eyes
Have you ever congeal in silent delight before the picture of some of the artist? Or admire the beauty of the landscape created by nature itself? Or enjoy the incredible combination of colors in the collection of famous designer? info

You can also create a composition that fascinate with its colors! Designers and artists possess the secrets of colors, color combinations secrets, the secrets of creating a composition. And all these secrets you’ll learn in this online course on the colors of. Do not just learn, and disassemble the bones all the combinations, you will see an integrated system working with color and in practice will create all possible combinations of colors and shades!

The course “Colours. How to combine colors in clothing and interior. “- Is a unique and unparalleled rate, which is easily and effectively introduce you to the art of creating beautiful color combinations. From the first practice sessions we will deal to you without much foreplay could get the first results! A little later we will go through all the necessary theory to your knowledge and your results were based on a solid base. read here

All course material is richly illustrated. A large number of examples from painting, interior design, fashion design and advertising graphics allow you to see a variety of color options for the application of the laws in practice. And of course, we will not only look. We will do! During the course, you will create dozens of color compositions, based on time-tested laws!

The emphasis of the course – on combinations of colors in clothes, because it is the topic most concerned students of the course. However, all the rules of color, which you will learn in the classroom, you can use absolutely any area – in the planning of interior design in the development of the site, while creating songs in a quilt and patchwork, painting, photography, to create bouquets of flowers and T. d. In short, if in this area there is color, then you need to be able to manage it!

Where else can you learn colors of?
This is a really important issue. Once he stood in front of me, so I can at him quite specifically reply.

For the study of color, there are 3 possibilities. These are books, courses and private practice. Coloristic Learn from books – it is boring and hard. I did it myself, and asked the other. Opinion unanimously – read the book interesting, a small number of images inspires and no one to ask. Although, in fairness, the book – it is the most accessible and inexpensive way of learning. However, one book is not enough, and three to five books on the subject already will cost around 2000-4000 rubles. more

Private Practice – it’s a cross between an attempt to know the color of their own, as did Isaac Newton or Leonardo da Vinci, and classes in painting under the guidance of an experienced artist. It is not cheap and a long way, but the qualitative development of “a sense of color,” you are almost guaranteed. And with such a feeling there will be easy to switch to a combination of colors in clothes!